BISCOTTI - Brunetti

A balanced diet is a biscotto in each hand

Almond Biscuit Almond - A traditional Italian almond biscuit.Almond Biscuit Cherry - An almond biscuit with a glacè cherry.Almond Kipfel - An almond shortbread covered in sugar.Amaretti - An almond macaroon.Baci di Dama - A chocolate & hazelnut biscuit filled with a dark chocolate ganache Baci di San Remo - A chocolate and hazelnut biscuit filled with dark chocolate ganacheBiscotti Orlandesi - A vanilla shortbread coated with hazelnuts, filled with blackberry jam and dipped in dark chocolateBiscotti al Pistacchio - Pistacchio biscuit dusted with icing sugar.Biscotti 2000 - A vanilla shortbread filled with fig & marsala liqueur, topped with crushed pistacchioBocconcini - An almond biscuit with citrus peel, coated in flaked almonds and dusted in icing sugar.Bocconcini di Nonno - An almond biscuit with a sour cherry centre, coated in flaked almonds and dusted in icing sugar.Brutti e Buoni - An hazelnut macaroon.Butter Biscuit - A vanilla butter biscuitCantucci - A crunchy biscuit with roasted almondsCrostoli - A light crunchy pastry coated in sugar Florintine - A honey, almonds and glace cherries disc, half dipped in chocolateFragola di Mandorla - An almond biscuit with a strawberry center.Manderine di Mandorla - An almond biscuit with a manderin center.Jam Fancies - A shortbread filled with an apricot jam centreJam Fancies - A shortbread filled with a blackcurrant centreLingue di Gatto - A soft almond biscuit with a chocolate ganache centre dipped in dark chocolate Lingue di Suocera - A soft almond biscuit coated with dark chocolateMini Strudel - A shortbread filled with mixed fruit and nuts, cinnamon, and blackberry jamOcchio Nero - A vanilla and chocolate shortbread filled with nutellaRicciarelli - An almond biscuit dusted with icing sugar.Ventaglini - A sweet puff pastryAmaretti Grande - An almond macaroon.Baci Rings - A shortbread topped with chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts, dipped in dark chocolateBicotti Napoletani - A shortbread pasty filled with chocolate, nuts and crushed biscuits, topped with icing & blackcurrant jamLinzer Slice - A ground hazelnut and almond shortbread with cinnamon, layered with blackberry jamOcchio Nero Grande - A vanilla and chocolate shortbread filled with a nutella centreOcchio di Bue - A shortbread biscuit with apricot jam, topped with flaked almondsTorciglione - A danish pastry rolled with chocolate, nuts, apricot jam and topped with icingVentagli - A sweet puff pastry