“At no other time has nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean”

–       Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)


Amore - A smooth white chocolate filled with a luscious dark chocolate caramelBollocini Milk - A pistacchio, almond and milk chocolate prailine with crispy bubblesBrunetti Dark - Crispy wafer, almond and dark chocolate pralineCuore Milk - Hazelnut and milk chocolateDark Cluster - Fresh roasted almonds covered in creamy dark chocolateGanache Di Fragola - A fruity strawberry and dark chocolate ganacheGianduia - A smooth  almond, hazelnut and milk chocolate pralineCuore Dark - Raspberry, dark chocolate ganache and rose flavourLampone Croccante - White chocolate praline with raspberry crispsBrunetti Milk - Crispy wafer, almond and milk chocolate pralineTartufo Latte - Milk chocolate and honey truffleMilk Cluster - Fresh roasted almonds covered in creamy milk chocolateMenta - Aromatic mint and smooth dark chocolate Salted Caramel - Smooth milk chocolate with a hint of saltTartufo al Cocco - Exotic coconut and white chocolate truffleTopolino - Crispy wafer, almond and milk chocolate praline mouseTartufo Nero - A rich and smooth 70% cocoa truffleCocco Milk - Toasted coconut blended with milk chocolate pralineBollocini Dark - Pistachio, Almond and Dark chocolate praline with crispy bubbles Pop - Dark Chocolate praline with chocolate pops! (crackle)  Crema di Tiramisu - A classic blend of coffee and marsala Napolitano - Three layered white, dark and strawberry chocolate blended with almond praline.